Liquid FFAME becomes solid candle wax

Common candle wax is pure paraffin, which is 100% derived from petroleum. Such tea lights and candles are therefore harmful to the climate, just like diesel and petrol. Around 20 Millions of tons of candle wax is burned annually. That corresponds to roughly 60 million tons of fossil CO2. I thought about how wax friendly candles can be made climate-friendly and CO2 neutral.

The answer is inawax:
It is made from 100% vegetable raw materials. For example, we can solidify FAME with a specially developed formulation technique using sunflower wax. Tea lights and candles can be made from this wax. Natural rapeseed oil mixes into candle wax, creating a green tea light

Help make the world green again

You can find out more about tea lights made of green Inawax at: