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Europäische Patentschrift
EP 2 464 715 B1
Process for the production of biodiesel by acidic transesterification and the use of a sulfonic acid as a catalyst in the production of biodiesel

Founder: Dr. Axel Ingendoh, Uwe Böger and Uwe Becher

WO 2017/054921 A1
Storage stable compositions of antioxidants containing ascorbic acid
Methane Sulfonic Acid Transesterification Biodiesel Technology
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Inaox Biodiesel Stabilisatoren
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Founder: Dr. Axel Ingendoh

EP 2010/001815 A1 Citric acid ester as a biogenic regenerative fuel and heating material
Founder: Dr. Axel Ingendoh, Dr. Ulrich Merz

Utility model
Nr. 20 2013 006 289 Novel wax blends made from natural waxes
and fatty acid methyl esters Citrodiesel from citric acid tributyl ester
Inawax green wax types for tealights and candles

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Founder: Dr. Axel Ingendoh

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